The Law of the Spirit of Life

March 12 2020

"Is it then that which is Holy, has now been made to be death to me? God forbid. But rather is it sin itself, that it might be known to me as the law of sin, by exposure from Holy Commandments of God; and that sin might become exceedingly sinful so as to enhance that exposure" ....Romans 7:13

"For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death." ....Romans 8:2

You will notice here that there are two opposing laws. The basis of the first 'Law' is obedience to the written Commandments of God and its principal is that I must try so as to be righteous before almighty God. But the Apostle states here that the end result of such endeavour is sin and death! In other words, the moment I try to please God in anyway is the moment I am judged by the Holy written Commandments of God. Unfortunately, hell is full of good Christians who try to please God by obedience to this type of law!

Now on the basis of the second law mentioned here, the 'Law of the Spirit of Life': firstly, it is totally opposite to the first, in that I no longer trust myself as being capable of doing anything good so as to please God, but rather I give up on myself and surrender my life and all my efforts to trust in God's way of deliverance from the power of sin and the power of self. Secondly, I have been born again in Christ Jesus and it is in Christ alone that I discover this other law called 'The Law of the Spirit of Life' which overcomes and transcends the first law by giving me a new life with a new nature of Christ that desires not that I should sin! The name of this law of the spirit of life is none other than the resurrection life of Jesus Christ that lives within our new heart in the person of His Holy Spirit. He now represents us before God and He is now our law of life itself! When God looks at us now He sees the life of Christ in place of all that was there before!

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