Who we are......

The Lord Jesus has led us to start a new ministry. It is not yet another church! We have a desire to see God's people set free from bondages and also taught the ways of God that they may become effective in serving the Lord. We do not require or even desire that people leave their own church. We have no denominational bias.

We are a very small dedicated membership of born-again Holy Spirit filled believers that love the Lord Jesus with all our heart and all our soul. We are based in Frankston, Victoria, Australia. The Lord has granted us a vision of the local Church as laid out in the letter to the Ephesians. We preach the Kingdom of God, not just personal salvation. We preach the "Born Again" message and our goal is to see all believers come to maturity in Christ.

We are in essence more a family than a religious church.

The Lord Jesus Christ is both our Lord and our Pastor. We are not religious and we are not into religion as the term goes. Religion is vainglory, which is man trying to please God. Rather, we are into having a real relationship with the Lord Jesus which gives us reality 24/7! We are totally satisfied with the completed work of the Lord Jesus Christ at the cross and in His resurrection and ascension. All our ministry springs from there. We believe that real Christianity today is still in the day of receiving fresh revelation from God daily. We seek this fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit on the Lord Jesus every day. We trust that you too will benefit to the extent that the Lord Jesus will bless you with what is written in these pages.

Feel free to contact us and ask questions at any time. If you have a real urgent need, you may telephone us on 0458 037 878, anytime, day or night.

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