"Present yourself unto God, as alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God." ....Romans 6:13

We need to 'know' before we can grow as Christians. Many have taken this word 'present' here to imply consecration, without looking carefully into its content. Of course that is what it does mean, but not in the sense in which we are inclined initially to understand. It is not the consecration of our old self with its instincts and resources, its natural wisdom, strength and other gifts to the Lord God for Him to bless and to use. This should be clear at once from the little clause mentioned here, "..as alive from the dead". It defines for us the point at which all true consecration begins. It is the new, born again spirit that is to be consecrated, not the old self!

Today in the real Church as Christ's body, let us be sure about that which is to be consecrated! It is not that which belongs to the old creation, but only that which has passed through death into resurrection and is now the new creation. The "presenting" spoken of here is the outcome of my knowing that my old self has been crucified and then my reckoning of myself alive unto God in Christ. Knowing, reckoning and then presenting ourselves to Him is the divine order of growth. Our 'members' stated here are all of our faculties that express our life outwardly to the world, such as our mind, emotion and will on the inside and then our mouth, hands, feet etc on the outside. In other words all that we are now!

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