"Fear not ye, neither be dismayed ... for the battle is not yours but God's" .....2 Chronicles 20:15

Fight to get the victory and you have lost the battle at the very outset! Your discomfiture as a Christian starts the moment you begin to reckon that 'you' must win. Suppose Satan sets out to assault you in your home or in your business. Difficulties mount up, misunderstandings arise, a situation you can neither deal with nor escape from threatens to overwhelm you. You pray, you fast, you struggle and resist for days, but nothing happens. Why? Because you are trying to fight your way into victory and in doing so, you are relinquishing the very ground and position of authority that is already yours!

In the person of Jesus Christ, as our representative man, God has already conquered for you. Victory is ours because it is His and we belong to Him, we are now a part of Him and He is a part of us! He has given us His victory to have, to use and to maintain. Satan is already the defeated enemy of Christ and therefore also for all who abide in Him by simple faith! It needs but a breath from God to finish him off altogether and yet here you are trying to raise a tornado! What then is the secret? It is this: simply look up to the Lord Jesus and praise Him. "Your victory, Lord Jesus is all inclusive. I praise you and I thank you that it covers me in this situation also!" Then be at rest in a magnificent triumphant victory that is already secured for you by God Himself. 

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