"David sought the face of the Lord." ....2 Samuel 21:1

There are times when we put forth tremendous effort in our prayers without getting any answer from God, yet how seldom do we seek God to discover as to why. For how can we expect God to answer prayers that are out of harmony with His mind? In all our praying we must first find the key. It was this that David sought to do at the time of prolonged famine as this chapter describes.

David did not simply cry out to God, "This famine has lasted three years. Have mercy on us now and grant us a rich harvest this year." No, he sought the face of the Lord. In other words, David questioned whether God had something to say about it all. To his direct question God gave him a direct reply, and with it the key to all answered prayer. Saul, it appears, by slaying some of the Gibeonites, had violated God's understanding with Israel to spare them. True, he had done so out of zeal for God, but he had sinned. God will not permit the breaking of a solemn vow. So there was something to be set right. "And after that," we read in verse 14, "God was entreated for the land." David had found the key.

So also is it today in the Church as Christ's body and in our own personal Christian lives. Many there are that zealously pray but few inquire of God as to why their situation is the way it is. In other words, "What is the root cause of this problem?" If we approach God from this point of view, then we have found the key. No doubt the direction of much of our prayer will change course accordingly, as God shows us the real cause of many problems and situations. We also would do well if we would just seek God's face before we pray according to our feelings and our thoughts.

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