"I will be as the dew unto Israel." ....Hosea 14:5

These words describe the beginning of everything in the 'New Life' experience of God's children. Dew-fall is altogether vital to the life and growth of trees and flowers. It is the very nourishment that sustains their life. And to us also, the Lord Himself promises to be as the dew to all His people, whether they recognise it or not! Everything in our Christian life as Christians comes to us from the life of the Lord Jesus as our source. He is made by God to be unto us our wisdom, our reality of truth, our righteousness, our holiness - yes, our everything! There is no human need that we shall not find met as we receive Him fresh daily into our lives as our all; but note also, that neither indeed will anything else be given to us as a separate gift apart from Him.

"I will be as the dew," He affirms; and in the next half of the verse Hosea shows how our life, with this as it's foundation, takes on a mysterious dual character. In it the delicate blossom of the lily is wonderfully linked with the powerful roots of the cedar tree. Frail beauty and massive strength united in a single plant. Such miracles are wrought by heaven's dew-fall alone.

Today in the Church as the earthly body of Christ, it is the Life of the Lord Jesus that is our miracle working dew! He is our new Life! 

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