"I have been crucified with Christ." .....Galatians 2:20

....Extract from Watchman Nee: "What does it mean for me to be "crucified"? I think the answer is best summed up in the words the crowd used to send Jesus to the cross: "Away with Him!" God never allows this matter of being crucified with Christ to remain for us as just a theory or a doctrine, though I confess that for many years it was no more than that to me. I myself had preached the Cross in these very terms without actually knowing it in my own experience - until one day I saw with dramatic suddenness that it had been I, Watchman Nee, who had also died there when Christ had died. "Away with him!" they had cried, and in saying that of Him they had also, unwittingly, echoed God's verdict upon me as well! The sentence of God that was upon me was carried out upon Christ!This new discovery affected me almost as greatly as did my first discovery of salvation. I tell you, it left me so humbled as to be for a while quite unable to preach anything at all, whereas till that day, I have to admit, preaching had been my consuming passion"

Today in the Church as Christ's body, do we really see what it means to have been crucified with Christ? God has done away with all that is of 'us' in Christ. Our old nature and all that belonged to it has been put to death in Christ by God Himself, forever! This is not some future event that I must strive to try and achieve, this is a past historical fact! It is God Himself that has put us to death in Christ, not us! We do not need to try to crucify ourselves daily ....we do not need to do anything but to rest in Christ, to praise Him by thanking Him and to know that it has already been achieved! It has been done. Because Jesus has already died our death for us, therefore we had to have been crucified with Him because God included us in Him before He died! It comes to us not by thought, nor by feeling, but by accepting the truth of God's Word to the point of actually really knowing it. This always has to be by revelation from His Holy Spirit. 

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