"Behold I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels." .....Exodus 34:10

Many of us do not differentiate clearly between the promises of God, the accomplished facts of God (His mighty works) and the Covenant of God. Promises are given to encourage faith but often we cannot rise up to believe God's promises. At times we can hardly even lay hold of divine facts because current appearances seem even to make a lie of them too. But when this is so we still have His Covenant. That Covenant means more than the promises, even more than all the mighty works!A covenant is a commitment made by one party to another. It is not something that we have made with God, so as to suggest therefore that we can mess it up. It is something that God has made with us and has committed Himself to it and we can never mess it up!

Today in the Church as Christ's body, the New Testament Blood Covenant of God is a handle given to us by God, upon which faith can lay hold. Morally we have no claim on God, but He has been pleased to bind Himself to this Blood Covenant, and having thus pledged Himself to act for us, He is - and I say it reverently - bound to do so. Herein is the preciousness of the Covenant. It is this that gives strength to faith when all else has failed and faith is at its weakest. 

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