"Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation." ...Habakkuk 3:18

When the Galilean boy brought his bread to Jesus, what did Jesus do with it? He broke it. God will always break what is offered to Him, but then He blesses it and uses it to meet man's need. Is not this true of your experience and mine? You give yourself to the Lord, and all at once everything invariably goes so wrong that you are tempted to find fault with His ways and pull out! To persist in such an attitude is to be broken, yes indeed, but to what purpose? You have gone too far for the world to use you, but you have not gone quite far enough for God to use you. This is the tragedy of many Christians. Do we want him to use us? Then day by day, let us go on giving to Him, praising Him and not finding fault with his methods or His ways, but instead accepting His handling and dealing with us with great praise and expectation.

Today in the Church as the body of Christ, many there are that grumble or moan deep in their hearts. These should realise and know that it is God who is the one that is metering out to them all that comes to them in their life environment. It is God who has ordered their circumstances! The things that are 'not good' have been ordered and allowed by God to draw us into a closer dependency on Him. Other things are ordered by God to break us of our 'love of self' and our stubborn independence. No one really likes to be going through dealings from the hands of the Living God, but this is necessary as it is God's only way for us to grow in Christ and to be transformed into His likeness. Much dross or rubbish may yet need to be purged from our lives. May we rejoice in the God of our salvation and praise Him, knowing that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. 

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