"He shall blossom as the lily, and cast forth his roots as Lebanon"..... Hosea 14:5

United in the child of God are two contrasting characters. Above ground as it were, is the simple unsophisticated life of trust and faith represented by the lily which is of God's planting.This is what others see. But buried deep down out of sight, giving unsuspected strength to this frail plant are the massive roots of the cedar. Here surely is the paradox of a Christian's life in which the cross is known. Outwardly he is as frail as the lily blooming on the earth, but secretly there is a hundred times more potential strength in the roots that are below the ground.

This then is the test: how much of my life is seen? When men look on the surface, have they seen the whole of me or is there something more? Have I, in the unseen part of me, a secret history with God or just self? Is Christ my secret strength hidden from normal view or am I? Others normally take account only of the lily that is seen and blossoming, but God is concerned with the source. God's plan and purpose is that we shall be cedar-like with massive power and strength from Christ within. The resurrected life of Christ is to be our massive strength and power, not our self life. It's not by our might and our power but by His Spirit! Not only is He the dew of heaven who waters and supplies the plant, but He is also to be the strength, vitality and root foundation of the plant itself, the very life source hidden within! 

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