The Church's Great Responsibility

February 4 2018

"Concerning the work of my hands, command ye me." ....Isaiah 45:11

In the here and now in present time, God is not free. He does not move His children about like robotic pawns on a chess board but has instead limited Himself to their free will. Wittingly He has done this, knowing what it will bring Him in the end. In eternity past God was unlimited; there was no second will. Again in eternity future He will be unlimited, for His life and love will have conquered all and man's free will must be one with His. That is the Glory of God!

But now, in time, God has limited Himself to our choosing, to our will. Only as men of free will co-operate with Him today can He accomplish His purpose. And free will means I can obey or disobey, as I choose. It is as if God has put at our disposal a locomotive of immense power, and our 'volition' is to do the laying of the railway track. The power is there, and the destination is planned, but the engine does not control the rails. It is the rails that have the power to limit the engine. "Ask whatsoever ye will, and it shall be done unto you." How great is our responsibility as individual Christians and collectively as the Church of God! We are the authority of Christ on this present earth in this dispensation of grace. We command God's power! Whatever 'we' bind on earth shall be bound by heaven! Yes! we command God concerning the work of His hands! An awesome and terrible responsibility indeed!

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