"So he caused the ark of the Lord to compass the city." ......Joshua 6:11

Mention here of the ark alone makes it appear as though the writer were ignoring the whole army of people who marched in faith round those walls of Jericho. But of course it was the ark that really mattered. This stronghold of Jericho was not demolished by the march of the Israelites alone. As we know only too well, we may walk round our own 'Jerichos' a thousand times and still find nothing happens! Israel's strength lay in the fact that they had the ark of testimony amongst them. They carried about with them the evidence of God's faithfulness! That ark represented God's presence! God's presence was in that ark! That evidence of God's faithfulness was God Himself! It was not on the basis of their efforts that they faced their foes but on their known evidence of what God would do!

Today in the Church as the body of Christ, God's "ark of testimony" is still with us in the person of his risen Son, Jesus Christ. We carry around within us the presence of almighty God! Make the Lord Jesus the central focus in your life, go forth proclaiming Him instead of yourself! Dare to declare His victory instead of your efforts! Dare to declare His resurrection power in the face of your every obstruction! Do that and God will bring down those walls, no matter what they are! He lives within us to be proven by us! He is our ark.

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